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Renaud Pellegrino

Renaud Pellegrino works with passion in workshops producing in exquisite leather and noble
materials. Already a talented artist and skilled craftsman, he established his reputation as a
designer working with prestigious haute couture brands. Eventually, he decided to launch his
own designer label, discretely hidden on the inside of his creations. The fashion cognoscenti
have no difficulty in recognizing his creations instantly.

He creates with the women of today in mind. He plays with shapes and colours with a brilliant
and boundless imagination, assembling materials and merging cultures to create unique designs.
The interiors of his infinitely soigné handbags either meld or contrast with their exteriors and
reserve for their owners an intimate experience entirely dedicated to them.

He frequently revisits the precious savoir-faire of craftsmen throughout the world to integrate
this in a new context of modernity. He never follows the dictates of fashion, he invents his own,
unique and authentic and generously shares it, revealing our hidden desires of the moment.

Leather goods Artist


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