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Renaud Pellegrino

Renaud Pellegrino works with passion in workshops producing in exquisite leather and noble materials. Already a talented artist and skilled craftsman, he established his reputation as a designer working with prestigious haute couture brands. Eventually, he decided to launch his own designer brand, discretely hidden on the inside of his creations. The fashion cognoscenti have no difficulty in recognizing his creations instantly.

As a magician of colors and materials, he has shaped his time for more than 35 years

Renaud Pellegrino is a craftsman of time.Swinging between materials that last through the ages, between the traditional craft techniques and the contemporary fashion values, he is guided by the beauty of emblematic women and by the spontaneity of a free generation.

At Pellegrino Paris, the bag is not just a treasure cabinet. Instead, it is a window open on life, a partner in each of its moments, both a companion for busy days and memorable evenings.

Renaud Pellegrino designs bags as a poem for all those special women who are attached to his poetic creations. The imaginary of the bags is a real language: words are colors and gestures are materials. Like words, the bags are shaped by use, patinated or scratched, offering an everlasting story to count.

He is a sculptor of time and bag, and it is through his work that he tells the daily life of all women.

Leather goods Artist


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