Renaud Pellegrino works with passion in workshops producing in exquisite leather and noble materials. Already a talented artist and skilled craftsman, he established his reputation as a designer working with prestigious haute couture brands. Eventually, he decided to launch his own designer label, discretely hidden on the inside of his creations. The fashion cognoscenti have no difficulty in recognizing his creations instantly.

He creates with the women of today in mind. He plays with shapes and colours with a brilliant and boundless imagination, assembling materials and merging cultures to create unique designs. The interiors of his infinitely soigné handbags either meld or contrast with their exteriors and reserve for their owners an intimate experience entirely dedicated to them.

He frequently revisits the precious savoir-faire of craftsmen throughout the world to integrate this in a new context of modernity. He never follows the dictates of fashion, he invents his own, unique and authentic and generously shares it, revealing our hidden desires of the moment.


A few years after moving to Paris, Renaud was introduced to the Carita sisters at a party. They owned the Carita hair salon on the rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré which had a huge celebrity clientele. Renaud became friends with the older sister, Maria, who proposed that he take charge of the boutique on the ground floor of the famous salon. He began creating accessories for the hair, then handbags, knitwear and scarves he handpainted himself. It was a perfect showcase for his stalent. He remained at Carita for seven years.


1976 to 1983 were Renaud's Yves Saint Laurent years. He collaborated with the House for the creation of pret-à-porter and haute couture handbags. He also continued producing for Carita, Tan Guidicelli, Christian Dior, Ungaro and Givenchy, while creating more personalized handbags under his own name.


1983 saw the opening of the first Renaud Pellegrino boutique on rue Saint Roch. The boutique on the little street of Paris' first arrondissement instantly became the go-to address for Parisian fashionistas in search of something unique. The brand counted Paloma Picasso, Catherine Deneuve, Jacqueline Delubac, Lynn Wyatt, Sabile Azema, Sabine Haudepin and Isabelle Adjani as devoted fans. Renaud also established a following across the Channel where London's finest department stores opened their doors wide to him.


The Renaud Pellegrino brand's first major success was an evening bag whose form is reminiscent of bishops' mitres. The 'Cardinal' was edited in a wide variety of colours and materials, a veritable ode to the 1980s.


In 1987 a second Renaud Pellegrino boutique opened, this time on the Left Bank. The Parisian label was also exported to Japan, a country that marked Renaud with its delicately nuanced culture and unique aesthetic sense.


In 1990, Renaud created another design that became iconic, the "Danseuse". This evening bag was inspired by the silhouette of a ballet dancer, an art form he passionately adored from the first performance he ever attended. This evening bag is a tribute to the ballet, but also a tribute to woman.


The famous Parisian actress and socialite Jacqueline Delubac died tragically in an accident. Named the best-dressed woman in Paris, she bequeathed her entire collection of clothes and fashion accessories to the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris. The Jacqueline Delubac collection included several Pellegrino handbags. These entered the permanent collections of the museum. Some pieces were later sent to the Fashion Museum of Marseille.


In 2007, Renaud Pellegrino was appointed Knight of Arts and Letters in honour of the twenty-five year anniversary of his eponymous brand. He was decorated by his loyal friend, Catherine Deneuve who said, 'Although the concept of merit does not exist, in his case, we can make an exception.'

He who 'has beauty in his eyes, in his hands, in his mind [...] has made his handbags secret / intimate and magical places", added the Rector of the Academy of Paris, Maurice Quénet, in his highly complimentary speech.


Renaud opened his latest boutique, this time steps away from the Arc de Triomphe in the west of Paris. Designed as a boudoir boutique, this is a luxurious setting to unveil Renaud Pellegrino's latest creations and to place them on a pedestal. With its intimate atmosphere, its decor in muted colours and mineral materials, this latest Pellegrino flagship is destined to become the new rendez-vous for modern treasure seekers.